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Betty's busy week
This week our lovable Labrador Betty turned 1 year old - the last year has gone so fast! It feels like 5 minutes since she was just a tiny puppy. We had a lovely birthday party for her and even got her a card (no excuses not to, really!) and Betty was thrilled with all the birthday wishes she got from fellow dog lovers through our Facebook page - read them all here ..
Keeping warm while snowed under!
Just when we were thinking Spring was around the corner we're back to frosty mornings and snowy spells! It's bitterly cold up North at the moment, it's a great excuse to drink lots of coffee. At least being so busy keeps us running around like headless chickens, that's one way to keep warm! Of course our warehouse dogs Elsie and Betty keep themselves cosy by snuggling up by the fire, a bit like the pets in the old favourite 'In the Warmth' print we're sharing today. Keep warm, everyone! ..
Spring Fair is over for another year
We're heading back to Alex Clark HQ for a debrief (that means nap) after another busy week at Spring Fair. We always enjoy the fair, it's a great time for us to meet new people and touch base with our familiar customers. We have a saying up North - 'Shy bairns get nowt' and we certainly aren't shy about showing off our new products! We were thrilled with the positive response we got, especially for our new stationery and gift bags. But for now it's time for us to hang up our high heels (yes Erik, that's you too!), don our woolly jumpers and get to work on those orders! I'm not sure if we're re..
Hi everyone, We're getting ourselves into the 21st century - new website, profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, and finally here we are starting our blog! Watch this space for news on exciting new products, what we're all up to and the day to day goings on in the world of Alex Clark Art. We hope you all enjoy keeping up with our blog and would love to hear your comments and feedback. ..
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