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5 Gifts for the Pug Lover in your life

5 Gifts for the Pug Lover in your life

We all have that one friend who just LOVES Pugs. They may be a Pug owner, a Pug walker or simply that person that can't help themselves but run up for a Pug Hug when they see one, but either way they love all things Pug-themed. Here's a few Pug Gifts they'll love...

1. Pug Canvas

Perfect Pugs

Pug Gift number one: what better way to showcase your love of Pugs than by hanging this canvas on your wall? It'll fit right in amongst all the Pug photos, cushions and other Pug Paraphernalia!

Canvases are 30 x 30cm, £15 on our website while stocks remain!

2. Pug Mug

Perfect Pugs Squash Mug

Pug Gift number 2: the perfect thing for a Pug Lover who's also partial to a good brew, it's almost as good as a Pug Hug! Why not go all out and treat your Pug-loving friend to the mtaching coaster too?

Pug Mugs are just £5 on our website. Matching coasters £2.50

3. Pug Magnetic Bookmark

Perfect Pugs

Pug Gift number 3: Pug-lovers, curl up as snug as a Pug in a rug and grab a good book.

Bookmark only £2 on our website

4. Mini Pug Notebook

Pug Gift number 4: Let your Pug-loving friend know they're the top dog with this mini magnetic notebook they can toss in their handbag (as long as their Pug isn't in there!)

Mini Magnetic notebook £3 on our website

5. Pug Keyring


Pug Gift number 5: last but not least our brand new keyrings show your favourite designs on a 7cm keychain. Pug fans can take a Pug everywhere they go with this Perfect Pugs kerying.

Keyrings £3 on our website.

Check our website for more animal-themed goodies (we're not just for Pug Lovers!)

A big Pug Hug,

The Team at Alex Clark Art


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