Alex Clark


Highland Inspiration
I've recently been away on holiday with my Mum and Dad, to a favourite spot of ours in the Highlands of Scotland. It was a relaxing week in a place that brings back so many fond memories of family holidays when me and my sister were young and my Dad would tuck us up in the back of the car in our pyjamas, ready for the long journey. After a bit of a disaster for my Dad and my partner whilst out hiking (both are ok now!) we spent some quality time together soaking up the glorious sunshine, walking the dogs on the beach and admiring the scenery. I've come back full of inspiration and re..
I've been baking!
So here's the story...I promised one of our hard workers, Caroline, I'd make her a carrot cake for her upcoming 50th birthday...I haven't made a cake since high school! I was a little rusty, shall we say. We were all convinced it would be some kind of baking disaster. I'm not going to lie, it did start out like one. My baking stuff had been sat feeling unloved for so long I went out to buy new ones, my kitchen looked like a war zone and I managed to cover myself in icing sugar. It turns out electric mixers and icing sugar don't really mix (see what I did there?)After making another mess with t..
Catching up
Hi everyone, I thought it was about time I caught up with you all. As you can imagine it’s been total madness here at Alex Clark Art since we launched our new Stationery and Gift Bag ranges in January, and we’ve had all hands on deck to keep up to date with the orders. I’ve been promising myself for weeks that when I get a quiet day I’ll get some painting done. Well, I think I could be waiting quite a while for a quiet day! There’s always something keeping us on our toes, but I’ve finally grabbed a chance to sit down and work on new designs. Now that this year’s Christmas card..
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