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I've been baking!

I've been baking!

So here's the story...I promised one of our hard workers, Caroline, I'd make her a carrot cake for her upcoming 50th birthday...

I haven't made a cake since high school!

I was a little rusty, shall we say. We were all convinced it would be some kind of baking disaster. I'm not going to lie, it did start out like one. My baking stuff had been sat feeling unloved for so long I went out to buy new ones, my kitchen looked like a war zone and I managed to cover myself in icing sugar. It turns out electric mixers and icing sugar don't really mix (see what I did there?)

After making another mess with the frosting, my cake was complete. Everyone at Alex Clark HQ gets a bit excited about biscuits and cakes (a little bit overexcited, maybe!) and you should have seen their faces. I don't think they believed I'd really made this infamous cake!

But it was pretty tasty, if I do say so myself! Even Megan from the office, who swore blind all day she doesn't like carrot cake, thought it was good!

I know what you're all wondering...but no, there's none left! Place your orders for my next baking extravaganza, I've got requests for gravity-defying pavlovas so I'd better get practising...

Thanks for reading, catch up soon!

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