Alex Clark

Raising money for Dogs for Good

Raising money for Dogs for Good

As you may know, we've been working hard to raise money for Dogs for Good, a charity who train dogs to provide support and companionship for adults and children a range of disabilities. 

This is a cause close to Alex's heart as she knows someone who benefits from this charity through the help of her lovely black Labrador, Xander. Xander helps with many everyday activities, and is a great friend for Betty and Elsie! 

Alex is looking forward to continuing her work with Dogs for Good as they've asked her to create a design especially for their use. Of course we all know Alex is a dog lover so she just couldn't resist! 

Watch the video to give you some more idea of how Dogs for Good help just one of their many happy dog owners - Thomas, a young boy with autism, whose dog Briggs helps him to manage social situations. 

Thanks for reading!

Thomas and Briggs