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Have your cake and eat it too!

Have your cake and eat it too!

This week I am in a huff with the humans. They have had sooooo much lovely chocolatey goodness after their Easter break and they won't share any of it with me! They keep telling me chocolate is bad for dogs. Yeah, I've heard that one before. It's nothing to do with the fact that that chocolate cake is just so delicious you don't want to share it. A likely story. Honestly, you would not believe the way they sat there with their lovely brightly coloured napkins eating their chocolate cake like children at a birthday party. Outrageous. And they gave me a dog biscuit and a nice long walk in the fresh air, as if that makes it ok. Anyway, I'm off to make extremely loud squeaking noises with my lovely new snake toy. That will teach them!

To be continued...

Betty (the mischievous!)

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