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Use up your Notebook Stash!

Use up your Notebook Stash!

As you know, we're coming to the end of National Stationery Week and we've really enjoyed finding out about your stationery habits. It's turns out there are a lot of fellow addicts out there! Like us, lots of you have a secret stash of notebooks, journals and diaries that you just couldn't resist. Well, here are a few ideas for using them up:

1. Keep a gratitude diary - this idea came from one of our Facebook competition winners (thanks, Lisa!) who is using her new Charismatic Cat notebook set for this purpose. There are lots of different ways to go about this, but the general idea is you keep a journal especially for writing down the good things that happen on a day to day basis, or the things you're thankful for. It's a great way to keep focused on the positives!

2. A To-Do-List book - we all love making a good list (it's a great procrastination technique!) and it's handy to remind yourself of what jobs you need to get done. My problem is I often end up binning my to do list in my efforts to tidy up (ironically, usually one of the things on the list!) so how about keeping them in a notebook? I'm such a stationery fiend I even have a magnetic list pad that sticks on my fridge so even I can't lose it! (Yes, of course it's an Alex Clark one -  big bear hugs is my favourite design!)

3. Travel journal or scrapbook - have you planned your summer holiday yet? Why not keep your tickets, photos and mementos from your trip and put them all together in a notebook you can treasure? Write captions to go with your photos so you'll remember your adventures.

4. A DIY planner - it's that time of year where we all like to have a good spring clean and start to think about gardening (alright, maybe not in this weather!). If you're anything like me you've got a whole list in your head of things you'd like to change in your home and garden. Why not write them down in a small notepad? 

5. An inspiration journal - Alex keeps a board on Pinterest for pictures that inspire her wonderful artwork. It's a great place to store images, but the only problem with it is she's also inspired by fabrics, textures, colours and everyday objects. With a journal you can collect snap shots or swatches of these things in a real, tangible way. 

There's a few ideas we like, we'd love to hear your ideas for using up your notebook stash too. Of course if you haven't got a notebook stash (impressive!) and you're inspired by one of these ideas, get yourself a brand new one from our online shop :)

Thanks for reading, 

The Alex Clark Art Team