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Are you back into the swing of it after Christmas? No, us neither. It's hard to pick up your usual habits again after the free-for-all that is the festive season, where absolutely anything goes. One of the easiest things to forget post-Christmas is those pesky January Birthdays. No sooner have you taken down the Christmas Cards than you're frantically searching through the house or making a mad dash to the shops for a Birthday Card. As someone with a January Birthday I am all too familiar with the 'It's not too obvious that it's a Christmas Card, is it?' approach to Birthday Cards and I c..
5 Gifts for the Pug Lover in your life
We all have that one friend who just LOVES Pugs. They may be a Pug owner, a Pug walker or simply that person that can't help themselves but run up for a Pug Hug when they see one, but either way they love all things Pug-themed. Here's a few Pug Gifts they'll love...1. Pug CanvasPug Gift number one: what better way to showcase your love of Pugs than by hanging this canvas on your wall? It'll fit right in amongst all the Pug photos, cushions and other Pug Paraphernalia! Canvases are 30 x 30cm, £15 on our website while stocks remain!2. Pug Mug Pug Gift number 2: the perfect thing for a Pug Lover ..
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Featured product: Dog Coasters!
One of our favourite products right now are our Dog Coasters. Featuring many popular dog breeds, our coasters are a must for dog lovers. Whether it's Barking Borders, Loyal Labs or Super Springers you're into, you'll find something you love amongst our selection. Autumn is upon us and we all need a nice hot cuppa to warm us up on the colder days! I keep a Clever Collies coaster in the office for my morning cuppa - it always makes me smile when I think of my own clever (or crazy!) collie at home. We also stock matching mugs in some designs, made by Churchill China. It's the weekend - treat your..
How an idea becomes a design
Hi everyone, It's that time of year when we start turning our ideas into designs and getting new products under way. Sometimes this is coming up with new designs for existing products and, more and more often, it's deciding to take a leap of faith and go for a completely new product. We did this earlier this year with our new lines of Stationery and Gift Bags; they were very new to us and I think we were half nervous and half excited to see how they would be received. We're so pleased with the positive response we've had that we're working on new designs in both ranges, including Christmas des..
August Featured Product: Art Prints
Now that Alex's artwork features on so many different products, from Notebooks to Bookmarks to Oven Gloves and plenty of things in between, it's easy to forget that she started out selling her first designs of Greetings Cards and Art Prints at craft fairs. Alex's business has grown a lot since the early days but some things never change, and one of those is the inimitable character and warmth she puts into her artwork. That's what makes us want to bring Alex's paintings into our homes. Alex's watercolour paintings begin with some inspiration; it might be an animal she's seen while out and abou..
Home and Gift 2016
Well that's Harrogate Home and Gift fair over for another year...and boy was it a hot one! It was cold and rainy when we left home but we soon regretted bringing our jeans and boots as we tried to keep cool in the tropics of DP1. Its always great to catch up with our lovely retailers - and get to know new ones, of course! Our new stationery and gift bags stole the show again as often people are keen to see them in the flesh as well as in the catalogue. We're chuffed with the response to our new products and are looking forward to launching even more new stuff at Autumn Fair, but for now t..
Raising money for Dogs for Good
As you may know, we've been working hard to raise money for Dogs for Good, a charity who train dogs to provide support and companionship for adults and children a range of disabilities. This is a cause close to Alex's heart as she knows someone who benefits from this charity through the help of her lovely black Labrador, Xander. Xander helps with many everyday activities, and is a great friend for Betty and Elsie! Alex is looking forward to continuing her work with Dogs for Good as they've asked her to create a design especially for their use. Of course we all know Alex is a dog love..
Highland Inspiration
I've recently been away on holiday with my Mum and Dad, to a favourite spot of ours in the Highlands of Scotland. It was a relaxing week in a place that brings back so many fond memories of family holidays when me and my sister were young and my Dad would tuck us up in the back of the car in our pyjamas, ready for the long journey. After a bit of a disaster for my Dad and my partner whilst out hiking (both are ok now!) we spent some quality time together soaking up the glorious sunshine, walking the dogs on the beach and admiring the scenery. I've come back full of inspiration and re..
I've been baking!
So here's the story...I promised one of our hard workers, Caroline, I'd make her a carrot cake for her upcoming 50th birthday...I haven't made a cake since high school! I was a little rusty, shall we say. We were all convinced it would be some kind of baking disaster. I'm not going to lie, it did start out like one. My baking stuff had been sat feeling unloved for so long I went out to buy new ones, my kitchen looked like a war zone and I managed to cover myself in icing sugar. It turns out electric mixers and icing sugar don't really mix (see what I did there?)After making another mess with t..
Use up your Notebook Stash!
As you know, we're coming to the end of National Stationery Week and we've really enjoyed finding out about your stationery habits. It's turns out there are a lot of fellow addicts out there! Like us, lots of you have a secret stash of notebooks, journals and diaries that you just couldn't resist. Well, here are a few ideas for using them up:1. Keep a gratitude diary - this idea came from one of our Facebook competition winners (thanks, Lisa!) who is using her new Charismatic Cat notebook set for this purpose. There are lots of different ways to go about this, but the general idea is you keep ..
Busy week = Biscuits!
Hi everyone, As you might have guessed it's been another busy week at Alex Clark HQ. We've been getting ready for London's Stationery Show next week and we are just SO excited to showcase our stationery. We've been really pleased with how it's taken off since we launched the range in January, so pleased in fact that we're getting to work on new stuff for next year...but for now that's top secret! Next week is National Stationery Week and we're looking forward to finding out how many fellow stationery addicts there are out there! Does anyone else have a collection of notebooks you jus..
Catching up
Hi everyone, I thought it was about time I caught up with you all. As you can imagine it’s been total madness here at Alex Clark Art since we launched our new Stationery and Gift Bag ranges in January, and we’ve had all hands on deck to keep up to date with the orders. I’ve been promising myself for weeks that when I get a quiet day I’ll get some painting done. Well, I think I could be waiting quite a while for a quiet day! There’s always something keeping us on our toes, but I’ve finally grabbed a chance to sit down and work on new designs. Now that this year’s Christmas card..
Have your cake and eat it too!
This week I am in a huff with the humans. They have had sooooo much lovely chocolatey goodness after their Easter break and they won't share any of it with me! They keep telling me chocolate is bad for dogs. Yeah, I've heard that one before. It's nothing to do with the fact that that chocolate cake is just so delicious you don't want to share it. A likely story. Honestly, you would not believe the way they sat there with their lovely brightly coloured napkins eating their chocolate cake like children at a birthday party. Outrageous. And they gave me a dog biscuit and a nice long walk in the fr..
How to claim the best spot on the sofa...
Getting the best spot on the sofa is easy. The first thing to do is make sure the humans are all busy - this is easy at Alex Clark Art, they are always busy! The next thing to do is find something to chew on - absolutely anything will do, a stick, a teddy, even one of Alex's shoes will do nicely. This lulls the humans into a false sense of security, thinking you're occupied causing mischief. Now's your time to strike. Quiet as a ninja, climb up on to the sofa and make yourself at home. When the first human spots you, they’ll give you a pat and say how adorable you are. Pose for a ph..
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